Carpe Diem

I love to poke fun at Steve Jobs.  This is kind of silly when you consider that I love Apple computers but there it is.  I can’t help myself.  I’ve read quite a bit about him and it is obvious he is a very intelligent and driven man and maybe that is why it is fun to take a shot at him now and again.  I’m not alone.  Fake Steve Jobs is a sensation.

All this being said, Real Steve made a statement at the new iMac presentation that really sunk home with me ….

Steve: “Our Goal is to make the best PC in the world, and make something we can recommend to family and friends. There is some stuff in our industry we wouldn’t be proud to ship. We can’t ship junk. Thresholds we just can’t cross. But we want to make the best personal computers in the industry…”

This statement betrays a philosophy that I share.  I try to do the same thing in all the various roles I fill (attorney, father, and husband just to name a few.)  In all of these endeavors, I’m frequently given the choice between doing something fast and something right.  I like to do things right.  It doesn’t always “pay” to do things right, but in the end it is the only way I can operate and look at that guy in the mirror every morning.

So there you have it Steve, I’m with you.

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