Review – Mophie Knox iPod Nano Case

Knox Case

This Review also appeared in the Surfbits ReviewCast #119

I’ve never owned a video iPod. For some reason, my nano always seemed to be just right for my needs. I like the way it fits in my pocket or drops into my car. Now that I have an iPhone, the Nano has taken a bit of a backseat but is still really useful for listening during my commute or working in the yard. The problem with this little Nano is that I abuse the heck out of it.
That is why I was really interested in Mophie’s Knox case for the Nano iPods. The Knox case is an aluminum bodied hinged case with a magnetic closure. The materials say that it is “aircraft grade” aluminum and while I’m not all that sure why that is important, it certainly sounds techy. The case also just looks cool. It has rounded edges and closes with a satisfying snap. It has a small hole in the bottom so you can plug in headphones with the unit still closed.

It is not just an iPod case however. It is also a wallet. It has a little clip on the inside that can hold your cash and a few bank cards. What is interesting about the Knox is you really get two cases.

It also comes with a two piece clear plastic case that snaps over your Nano. This is actually Mophie’s separate Relo product which is a second layer of protection. Once in the Relo plastic case it slides right into the Knox. So with this product you have your slim line plastic case and (for going out) your bigger Knox case.

One thing about the Knox case is that it is big. It puts a noticeable bulge in your pocket if you are traveling light.

I really like this case. It looks good and I like having the option to go big with the Knox or small with just the plastic Relo. It is really made for the G2 Nano but it will also work with a G1 so long as you only use one half of the Relo case. If your in the market for a way to secure your Nano, you will want to take a serious look at the Knox. It lists for $45 but I found several online sellers carrying it at about $30.

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