iPhone 1.1.1 – No Problem


Well gang, I installed iPhone version 1.1.1 today with no problems. I had installed Nullriver’s installer.app on my iPhone a few weeks ago and then removed it. It was really easy to set up but there were no compelling applications to make me want to keep it. All the talk about “bricking” hacked phones did not concern me since I never “unlocked” it outside of AT&T.

Version 1.1.1 is a nice incremental upgrade. They played with the calculator icon and added a double tap to the home button which quickly gets you to your phone favorites list. If you are playing the iPod the double tap gets you to the iPod controls which is also nice. It also adds a purchase from iTunes button that can only get me into trouble.

They put in a setting to turn off edge while roaming so we don’t have to hear about any more morons going to Europe and running up thousand dollar phone bills. Interestingly this setting is defaulted to turn it off which makes a lot of sense to me. The people who run up these bills would not be smart enough to turn it off themselves so Apple did it for them.

While these tweaks and improvements are nice, I really wish they would get around to syncing the Notes application. I’m speculating (wishing?) that this will happen with the Leopard release. Time will tell.

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