Music – Panonica


Monk’s “Panonica” is one of my very favorite melodies. For some reason I always visualize myself pushing my daughters on the swing (when they were younger .. around 3) when I play this song. Monk actually wrote it for Baroness Panonica Der Konigsweiller (sp?) or “Nica” for short, who was a active patron of the arts, and lasting friend of his. I once heard a recording of him explaining Panonica as a butterfly that nobody could catch.

Now having evoked touching imagry, the recording is nothing spectactular. I just recorded begining to end and made no post recording “fixes”. I really did not do the song justice but it is passable, if not a little heavy handed. One of these days I will do it again.

Enjoy my Panonica

**Download Note**

For some reason downloads of the music files with Safari Beta 3 are sometimes wonky. If you are having a problem. Try with Safari or Camino.

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