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GarageSale is the premiere eBay selling application for the Macintosh platform. The application gives you an easy interface to collect the data you need for your eBay sales and allows you to avoid the drudgery of crawling through the eBay web sale process. Frankly, being able to set all of your eBay sale preferences with familiar Mac-friendly menus and checkboxes alone probably makes this $29.99 application worth it but it actually gives you quite a bit more.

If your auctions include several photos you can host up to ten through GarageSale’s free image hosting service. If you really want to go crazy, the program will interface with your own web server or .Mac account. Either way, you can say goodbye to eBay image hosting fees. Speaking of photos, the program looks right into your iPhoto library making the incorporation of your photos seamless and much less painful than eBay’s upload system. In a pinch, you could even use your iSight camera.

Likewise, you can also set custom start times for your auctions and again GarageSale will perform a function that eBay would otherwise charge you for. If you run an eBay store, the application also allows for direct uploads. I did not, however, test that feature.

Perhaps my favorite feature is the built in listing templates. There are at least a hundred different customizable templates that can give your auction exactly the “look” you want. I liked the “spotlight” template and used it to good effect. Once you get your templates set you can re-use them for future sales. This is really convenient if you are selling similar items.

GarageSale doesn’t stop after you make your listing however. After your auction starts, the application also assists you in communicating with prospective and eventual buyers. Again it uses customizable templates to allow you to get the job done with very little trouble. Although the pre-built templates are very god, make sure to read them carefully before using them. I needed to change a few of them for my selling preferences. Thankfully, GarageSale remembered my changes.

There is a user group to assist you in using the application. I’ve had some experience selling on eBay and using GarageSale was really easy. If you are a new seller you would need to take your time the first few times through the system, but I still think it would be easier to learn how to sale on eBay through GarageSale than through the eBay site.

This application is very convenient and makes the selling process much easier and the fantastic templates give your product more zip. I think it is worth trying for anyone that is a regular eBay seller.

You can find GarageSale at A single user license will run you $29.99 and a family license will cost $49.99. You can download an unlicensed copy that will allow you to upload 3 auctions. If you do any amount of selling on eBay, I would recommend this application. It brings the Mac experience to one more piece of your online world.

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