MenuBar Apps - dotMac Menu

This is my second entry into my series of favorite MenuBar applications. You can read my prior entries here: JumpCut.

The MenuBar application that Apple provides in the .Mac preference pane just isn't up to the task in my opinion. It tells you your last sync and provides you a click to the preference pane but that is it.

dotMac MenuBar.png

Where are the clicks to all those rich features Apple keeps emailing me about? What if I want easy access to my webmail or iDisk? It just simply isn't there. The wizards over at infinite nexus must have felt my pain when they developed dotMac Menu. This is an excellent donationware little application that gives you access to the entirety of your dotMac goodness.

dotMac Menu.png

Using this little application, I can immediately get access to all of the dotMac features (including a few I don't even use). It even tells me when Apple will come knocking on my door asking me to pony up for another year. You can customize the level of detail and even if you want it to use the graphite or aqua look. You can download it right here.

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