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Continuing my tour of favorite MenuBar applications, I thought I’d write a bit about iSlayer’s excellent iStat menus. This application creates a preference pane that allows you to put a variety of tools in your menubar. It allows you to keep on top of memory, drive space, processors, fans, and other geeky details.

iStat menus 1.jpg

As you can see, iStat is loaded with options and can quickly hog up your Menubar. For giggles I turned them all on and filled half of the Menubar on my 17″ widescreen MacBook Pro. Oops.

Trying to bring order back to chaos I reset the key stats to give vertical bars and I am good to go. It takes a minimum of space but provides all the information I need.

iStat 2.jpg
iStat MenuBar.png

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