Yojimbo 1.5 Released

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Today BareBones released Yojimbo version 1.5. The new version adds several useful features including image syncing. The developers explain, however, “Please do not try to replace iPhoto, Aperture, or Lightroom with Yojimbo: You’ll make us cry.”

They also have improved searching performance. This was a big problem for me before and I’m glad this problem got some love.

Another nice addition is the ability to search by tag. Gone are the days where I have to make a smart folder just to find records related to a single tag.

There are loads of improvements and new features which you can read about here. You can download Yojimbo here.

My Yojimbo database was once huge with lots of PDF files. I’ve thinned it down quite a bit as a result of my dissatisfaction with its search (it was very slow getting rolling) and the way it would give my dotMac sync fits. I’ve also gotten a bit smarter about where I keep things. Now that I’m using it more for text and data and less for large file synchronization, it seems to behave much better. I am looking forward to trying out these new features and maybe adding a bit more weight back into my Yojimbo database.

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