Review - Incase Sling Pack

Incase Slingpack

One relic of my Dell days is my laptop case. It actually is very nice. It is sturdy, holds plenty of computer gadgets and is built like a Sherman Tank. It even has wheels! Unfortunately, it is also nearly as heavy as a Sherman tank. That is fine for my PC days when I just used my laptop for work but now I use it for so much more. I'm carting it along to family gatherings, the apple store, and a variety of other places and I wanted something lighter.

Well fortunately my kids got the hint and for Father's day I received a brand spanking new InCase Sling Pack laptop case designed for the 17" MacBook Pro. I'm very happy with this case.

The fit and finish of the case is very nice. It is constructed of a heavy black nylon material. The actual laptop cradle inside the top loading bag fits my MacBook Pro and has two sheets of dense, but not particularly thick, padding to cushion my MacBook. The laptop fits into it perfectly and does not slide around at all. One feature I really like is the way it suspends the laptop cradle inside the bag so there is a gap between the bottom of the bag and the cradle. I'm actually considering putting some additional foam in that gap but maybe I'm just a little bit crazy. It is clear they thought a lot about the design of this bag specifically in relation to the Apple laptops.

In addition to holding the laptop, the Sling Pack also has numerous zippered compartments and pockets to hold everything you need to run your machine and just a bit more. In my Sling Pack, I'm currently carrying my laptop, two western digital passport drives, a magazine, about a half inch of work related paper, a mouse, the power unit and a variety of other necessary and not-so-necessary plugs and adapters. There is still room to spare. It even has a hidden pocket in the back which is nice for quick access to documents like plane tickets. There is also a nice little padded pocket on the strap that is perfect for holding a digital camera or iPod. It even has a little rubber grommeted hole for your earphones

The strap is wide and padded and includes a quick release clip that frankly scares me a bit. I don't want this bag popping off accidently. It also has a nice rubber and nylon handle to carry it from top the top when not over your back.

You can get this bag from Apple for $70 and it only comes in black. I can't get over how light this bag is in comparison to my other case. I use it most of the time now. There still are occasions where the "Tank" is needed but generally, this Sling Pack is my primary case. I am pleased to recommend this bag to anyone looking for a sling bag for their Apple laptop.