Moleskine Revisited


I've now been using the Moleskine for a few months. I wasn't exactly sure how I would incorporate it into my life but knew I wanted an easy way to capture tasks on the run. Of course in the mean time, a few things have changed for me in terms of productivity. First, I bought an iPhone. That has had very little impact on the way I capture tasks. Why ... do you ask? Because the iPhone doesn't have a built in task list!? There is a bit of a hack but I'll discuss that below. This post is supposed to be about Moleskines.

Anyway, I don't keep a "journal" in my Moleskine and rarely draw a diagram. It is, primarily, a list. For instance, I'm on the phone with someone and he says, "Hey Dave ... I got a new job making roadrunner traps. My new email address is". I'll write a line in my Moleskine "" As I go through the day I'll accumulate these small entries and at some point I'll sit down in front of my Mac and input these items. They can be OmniFocus entries, address book entries, or maybe a simple task that I'll just do. Either way, very quickly they get processed and crossed off in the Moleskine. Like I said, nothing fancy but it gets the job done.

While I really like the pocket sized Moleskine it still is kind of bulky in my pocket so that one stays at my desk at work. I picked up a three pack of the thin softcover Moleskines that are perfect for putting in my pocket. I keep one in the car, one on me, and one in the briefcase and that works just fine. So at the end of the day I could have several Moleskine's I am processing. It sounds confusing but actually it works quite well.

I'm thinking I may start taking meeting notes in a bigger one and process them the same way. We'll see.

The iPhone Wrinkle

I have faith that Apple will eventually get around to putting a task list on the iPhone but I'm not all that certain I'd actually use it. If I had OmniFocus on it maybe. The current Omni solution that would require me to turn my laptop into a server is useless to me. But for now, such pipe dreams along with about ten bucks will buy you a cup of coffee. There is one slight hack. I have a "Ta-Da List" account which is great. I mainly keep shopping lists on it. For instance, I have a "Target" , "Grocery List" and a few other. I also put an "OmniFocus" list on it that allows me when not near a Moleskine, to put a task in there for later input.

I'm getting plenty of emails from readers with good ideas. Don't be afraid to place comments with your tricks so everyone can benefit.