Menubar Apps – Caffeine


Continuing my sort-of-regular posts about my favorite menubar applications, I direct you attention to the hot steaming cup of java in my menubar ….

caffeine 2.png


Caffeine has the same effect on your Mac that it has on your body. It keeps things awake. This small freeware application has a tiny memory footprint and sits by idly until you activate it with a click. It then keeps everything awake. I find this most helpful when I’m watching video or sharing my screen with someone. Just today I was sharing a timeline on my screen with a client (you all remember how much I like timelines, right?). Anyway, I clicked on caffeine and had no pesky dark screens while I did my thing. Best of all, it is a lot cheaper than Starbucks. Indeed, it is freeware. Try it out yourself.

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