Big Changes for Macsparky Screencasts


Big changes are afoot with my screencast. I was running into a few problems with bandwidth hosting it on this site and the iTunes feed was the dinky little iPod format. I’ve signed up with a new host, Libsyn, which is now distributing the podcast in Apple TV format. Furthermore, I’ve set up a new feed in iTunes with the Apple TV format. Please go and subscribe to the new feed. There are currently two feeds but the older feed (with the smaller format) will be going away in the next few weeks. The new feed is the one that includes episode 10.

You can Download Individual Episodes Directly Here

The net result of all these changes is that you can now get the screencasts in Apple TV resolution instead of iPod format. The fiscal impact on Macsparky headquarters is that I have to pay some additional monthly fees but do not have to worry about getting hit with large bandwidth fees. I may look into a donation button or some advertising to offset that in the future but for now I’m just glad to get the increased resolution in a feed.

I hope that all made sense and thanks for subscribing. I love hearing back from happy viewers and generally ignore the unhappy ones.

Macsparky screencasts.png

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