Co-Hosting the MacCore

Mac Core.png

One of the Mac friends that I got to meet in person at Macworld was Katie Floyd from the MacCore podcast. Katie is really bright and another Mac lawyer. Katie was kind enough to ask me to cohost her podcast and it published today. It was a lot of fun doing it and we talked about a variety of Mac topics including the rebirth of the Mac Roundtable, 10.5.2, first impressions of the AppleTV update and whether Apple has “gotten it right” this time around, the future of the iPhone, Aperture 2.0, and Review the A2 Speakers and W1 remote receivers from Audioengine and the Jawbone bluetooth headset.

Katie is one of my favorite Mac podcasters. I’m hoping having me on her show doesn’t spell her doom. Either way, head on over to the maccore podcast and check it out.

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