OS X 10.6?

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Today TUAW ran an article speculating that Apple may have 10.6 for us sooner than we all thought. I actually mentioned this a few weeks ago on the the Mac Roundtable episode 40 and it didn’t get much traction. Apple used to update OS X much more frequently than the big gap between Tiger and Leopard.

Regardless, what I found most strange about the TUAW speculation is the idea that 10.6 would come out as a “stability and security” update without any big new features. I find that really hard to believe. Apple seems to “get” marketing better than just about any big company out there. I think it would be really odd for them to release a new OS without having some sexy new feature to brag about. I would venture to say that there will not be a release without some nice new features. Perhaps the features will only be incremental but rest assured, Apple hype them up.

While I don’t know what Uncle Steve has up his sleeve, I do hope they bring more integration with the growing mobile platform. I’d also like to see Apple embrace ZFS disc technology. What are your ideas for 10.6? Let me know.

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