Time Capsule Recovery … 34 Gigs … Check!


I’ve had a few readers email me following up about my over-air time capsule recovery of my cratered Aperture library (all 34 gigs of it). These emails fall into two general categories:

1. Friendly questions about whether you can actually recover a 34 gigabyte file over the air, and;
2. Indignant outrage at why on earth I would do such a thing. These emails also include questions about whether I have a lick of common sense.

So just to keep the answers simple …

To group #1: Yes, you can. On an “N” network it takes about a day.
To group #2: You are probably right. I could have done it over ethernet cable but I just wanted to see if it was possible without it. Call it, “taking one for the team.”

Everything came back fine and things are happily backed up again not only on the Time Capsule but the SuperDuper external drive too.

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