Time Capsule Restoration of Large Files


Somehow I managed to corrupt my Aperture database today. The bad news is I did about 3 hours of photo touch up and rating since my last SuperDuper backup yesterday. The good news is Time Capsule had my back.

Time Capsule is great for recovering typical files like word processing documents or preference files. I had never tried to recover something like a 34Gb Aperture library but there is a first time for everything. Well I can tell you it is not exactly snappy.

Aperture Restore.png

That is right … 21 hours. An hour later the estimate was down to 16 hours so maybe it is not as bad as it seems. I could instead connect it directly via ethernet cable but I’ve decided to just let it ride and see how it pans out. If everything goes according to plan it should be restored tomorrow and THEN I’ll make a new SuperDuper backup. So while it is not exactly snappy, large Time Capsule recoveries are possible.

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