Leopard 10.5.2 Installed. Nothing Blew Up.


In case you haven't read yet, today Apple released Leopard 10.5.2. The update weighed in at 180mb on my Intel MacBook Pro. I spurned common sense and didn't bother with the combo updater and instead just did the automatic update. I've been running it a few hours now with no problems. Apple has a long list of updates. A few of them are of note to me and deserve comment.

Back to my Mac - Adds support for more third-party routers.

I am very curious to see how much this sorts out Back to My Mac. I've never quite got it working and not had time to figure it out. Actually, I keep waiting for the Macbreak Tech guys to set me straight on it.

Dock - Updates Stacks with a List view option, a Folder view option, and an updated background for Grid view.

Amen! I actually have gotten used to the new system but I know this was driving a lot of people crazy.

Desktop - Addresses legibility issues with the menu bar with an option to turn off transparency in Desktop & Screen Saver preferences.

This is another one that wasn't bothering me so much. Nevertheless, it is definitely less transparent now.

Mail - Mail now automatically disables the (unsupported) third-party plugin GrowlMail version 1.1.2 or earlier to avoid issues.

Mail has been a little wonky for me lately. I suspected Growl and turned it off but it still hasn't been as stable as before. I'm hoping 10.5.2 fixes that. So far so good.