Positive Review for Powerpoint 2008


Brian Peat over at KeynoteUser.com wrote up a long and positive list of initial impressions after using PowerPoint 2008. I must admit I haven't even loaded it yet. I was a PowerPoint wizard before switching to the Mac. I was giving presentations at the courthouse before most people knew what PowerPoint was. I've done some great PowerPoint presentations over the years explaining really complex construction issues to jurors. Unfortunately, PowerPoint has now become a verb for boring people with ugly long bullet points. "He PowerPointed me to death." But I digress.

The new look and feel you can pull off with Keynote was one of the reasons I switched to the Mac. Regardless, I still do contract work for other lawyers where I build PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for them so I'm glad to see Microsoft stepped up its game. Brian's post has me interested and I'll have to dig in with it soon. Here is to hoping PowerPoint and Keynote start a running battle with better presentation tools and easier coding for years to come.