iPhone and iPod Touch get more Memory

iphone 16 gb

Today the Apple Store went down and came back up with an upgraded iPhone and iPod Touch doubling the memory for another $100.  So now for $499 you can either get a 32gb Touch or a 16 gb iPhone.  With the way flash memory prices have been dropping I was hoping that these upgrades would not have included a price hike.

Neither of these announcements have me too excited.  I keep my 8gb iPhone pretty full but I really don't need the extra memory so badly to upgrade.  Likewise, I bought my wife an iPod touch last week.  I will talk to her later to see if she wants to double the memory for another $100 but knowing her, she probably won't care so long as Ugly Betty and Michael Buble' fit on her 16 gb version.

Did the memory upgrade pull any readers off the fence and inspire them to go buy?  If so drop me a note or sound off in the comments.