OS X Keyboard Shortcut to Add Link to Email


Having conquered the issue of printing to PDF with a keyboard shortcut, I decided to take on another little thing that frustrates me constantly. I often send links to friends and readers. In Mail.App, in order to get the "insert link" box you have to click the mouse three times.

Add Link.png

Edit --> Link --> Add.

When you are in the middle of typing an email, this is a pain.

Once again, the Keyboard system preference pane to the rescue. Here are the steps...

1. Add a Keyboard Shortcut for Mail

Mail Shortcut 1.png

2. Insert the Menu Title "Add..." Once again, for the ellipsis, make sure to use the key combination "option" + semicolon (;). I have no idea why this is so but don't argue with results.

Mail Shortcut 2.png

3. Type in your keyboard shortcut. I'm using shift + control + L

Mail Shorcut 3.jpg

That is it. Next time you find yourself writing an email and want to add a link just type in your shortcut and forget about the mouse. Up pops the link window.

Mail Shortcut 4.jpg