Psystar ... I Don't Care!

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Things have been a little crazy lately in the day job so I've not had much time to keep up on Mac news. Tonight I decided to take catch up with my RSS feed and was surprised to see so many posts and articles concerning Psystar's Apple clones. Apparently a few of them are in the wild and everyone seems very excited about it. I must admit, I'm baffled.

So it is great that folks have gone commercial with the hackintosh concept but I can't understand why anyone would want to buy one. They may be slightly cheaper but then again, they may also just turn into a brick with the next software update. Furthermore, they really aren't that much cheaper. I remember back to 1987 when getting a new Mac and printer would run you about four thousand dollars minimum. Back then a hackintosh would have had a toehold. But these days Apple's prices are not that bad. On the low end, a Mac Mini is very affordable. On the other end there really isn't that much difference (either in hardware or price) between a MacBook Pro and a Dell XPS which can cost up to $4300.

Call me a fan boy but I'm sticking with Apple hardware. I've got 20 years of trench warfare experience on the PC side fighting hardware, software, and operating systems made by different people with no intention of cooperating. To the arguable extent you are paying a premium for Apple products, you get it back in saved time almost immediately. With Apple's current pricing, I will be very surprised if any of these commercial clones get any traction.