No More Spam!


I've had it with Spam. It seems that lately I've been getting an endless stream of email about great mortgage rates, killer deals on watches, and enlarged body parts. I've been trying to get's built in junk mail filter to resolve the problem but it doesn't seem quite robust enough. So I am trying the Spam program everyone seems to swear by, Spamsieve. I've just got it started the last few days but it is already catching spam that did not. I've also already got a few false positives but I'm sure this will need a week or so to sort itself out. Hopefully that will be before the free trial period ends.

One issue with using Spamsieve is that while it will (hopefully) do a good job of catching Spam on my Mac, that doesn't help me when I check mail on my iPhone. I'm thinking that one way to help with this issue is to have the MacBook Pro on my desk at home check IMAP email every 5 minutes. Therefore, it should (at least in theory) catch Spam every five minutes so there would be little of it cluttering up the iPhone. It is a theory at least. I'll set it up and report back.

How are you managing the Spam onslaught?