Go Dockless


Dockless is an application that tells OS X to keep certain applications out of your dock. I first read about Dockless in the Spamsieve manual but was a little leary of it. I've been bitten before by life on the wildside of OS X altering applications and I was a little nervous about it. Then my friend Katie at the Mac Core very nicely told me during the last Mac Roundtable to get over it and give Dockless a try. I installed it and sure enough I am liking it. The Spamsieve and Menucalendar clock icons are now officially banned from my dock. Unfortunately, the SugarSync icon is Dockless resistant but two out of three ain't bad. If your geek gene runs as deep as mine and you actually get annoyed with extra icons on your dock, head on over and download Dockless.