iPhone LED Football - I'm Done For

LED Football.jpg

Growing up in the 70's, I was lucky to have one of the very first hand-held electronic games, Mattel Football. This was old school electronics. There was no pass key, no lifelike football players. No. All you had was a couple of flashing LED dots, your imagination, and a burning desire to "pound the rock." That being said, I wore those little plastic buttons into oblivion as I trounced imaginary foes.

This is probably lost on younger readers but my nostalgic middle age head still pines away for that football game. As one reader explained in an email to me, "Your prayers are answered." That is right. Mattel Football found its way to the iPhone. I've installed it and I love it. They nailed the layout. They even nailed the sounds. I do miss my well-worn analog buttons but it sure is a trip pulling Mattel Football out of my pocket ... again.