Blogworld 2009


Today I spent some time wandering the aisles of Blogworld. While the exhibitors were definitely slanted in favor of blogging over podcasting there were some interesting booths. I was particularly impressed with Shure’s XLR to USB microphone converter which may ultimately replace my somewhat flakey Blue Icicle in my podcasting rig. I also enjoyed talking to the gang from Technorati about their recent changes and future direction. I hope in the future, the show organizers can get a bit more support from podcasting venders and a bit less from blog aggregators.

It looks like I really missed out on the sessions where some of my favorite bloggers and podcasters talked about their trade. Perhaps next year I will have more time to attend the conference session.

By far though, my favorite part of attending was re-connecting with some of my favorite Mac podcasters for a few meals and a lot of laughs. I’ll have some fun pictures once I get back to MacSparky headquarters.

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