The Big Server Switch



It has been a crazy few days at MacSparky. I’ve been unhappy with my prior domain server for some time. There has been a constant poblem with network speed. The kicker, however, was downtime. I have experienced recurring downtimes culminating in a full day this week. Enough was enough.

Thankfully, the transition was much easier than I expected. I am now hosted by SquareSpace. I re-engineered the site, imported the wordpress back-up, and switched the domain over with reckless abandon. The whole process took about 4 hours, which is remarkable. I’ll be continuing to tweek the site for a bit and please report any problems you encounter. It looks like most existing links came over and Google has already found me at my new home.

Also, please re-subscribe to the RSS feed if you are not getting it. Finally, thanks to everyone for their patience during the transition and the spectacular customer service department at SquareSpace for saving my bacon.

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