Home Screens - Don McAllister


This week's featured home screen belongs to my friend, Don McAllister. Don is the host of ScreenCastsOnline.com and also blogs at themacscreencastguy.com. If you ever get the chance to meet Don you'll immediately discover he is, in every way, exactly like that friendly Liverpool accent you hear on his screencasts: kind, friendly, sincere, and infectious. One of the highlights for me every year at Macworld is seeing Don. 



I'm a huge fan of the Apple Remote application as I have the Apple TV, several Macs and an Airport Express. The way it just works allowing me to have control over all my media playback is simply amazing.  

Snatch is there to allow me to access my Mac mini media centre - I control Plex using some dedicated keyboard overlays and when not in Plex, Snatch allows me to control the Mac mini via a touchpad and keyboard from the iPhone

Tom Tom is hugely convenient to have the GPS at my beck and call, even if it is very expensive.

Clock is my multi day alarm clock with separate times for week days and weekends

The four dock icons are the ones I use the most - Settings to switch on and off WiFi, etc, Mail, Tweetie 2 and the iPod 


What is your favorite app?

Probably Remote or Tweetie 2


Which app is your guilty pleasure? 

Canabalt, although I keep saying I'll have to do a recipe from Jamie Olivers 20 minute meals - a very well put together application


How many screens full of apps do you have?

10 but not all fully populated. I keep meaning to organise them properly but even with the management app in iTunes, they quickly become disorganised and I never get around to re-sorting them. Thanks goodness for search!


What is the app you are still missing?

One that I don't even know I need.....yet

Or one to control and remotely program my Virgin Media cable box


How many times a day do you use your iPhone/iPod touch?

Lots, it's my constant companion and never strays too far away


What is your favorite feature of the iPhone/iPod touch?

 How even after a couple of years use, it still feels like alien technology from the future


If you were Steve Jobs, what would you add to the iPhone?

Got to be HD video recording and a front facing camera for video iChat. Once the networks can cope with the extra bandwidth requirements that is!


Anything else you'd like to share?

How disappointed I was to miss the Macworld keynote when the iPhone was launched. I was actually in San Francisco that year and It was my first Macworld.  Being a newbie, I didn't realise that you needed a special ticket to get into the keynote and was mortified to discover that they didn't even show it on screens unless you were a conference attendee (I'd just bought a show floor ticket that year). At the same time the iPhone was being launched to the world, I was sitting in the Starbucks next door to the Moscone center, watching proceedings via the usual blogs and second hand feeds. 

So close and yet so far!

At least I did get to be one of the first people to gaze into the cylindrical glass case containing the iPhone during the show.  Amazing to think just how far the iPhone has developed in just a few short years, and how it's become some widely adopted and such an indispensable tool.