Steve Ballmer's iPhone Assault

There have been several reports about Microsoft head Steve Ballmer confiscating a Microsoft employee's iPhone and fake stomping on it. This guy is really in charge of the world's largest software company? Lately, I don't understand Microsoft generally and Ballmer specifically.* Microsoft has the operating system market sewn up, the corporate world at its mercy, metric tons of dollars pouring in, and yet they appear obsessed with Apple. It's not funny. It just seems kind of sad. I know there are some smart people up in Redmond. I've met several of them. However, lately their antics just seem juvenile.

* While I'd agree if an employee took a picture Steve Jobs at an Apple event with a Windows Mobile phone, it would be frowned upon but I don't see Jobs pulling Ballmer's schoolyard antics under any conditions. Besides, it would never happen anyway. Have you *seen* the Windows Mobile platform lately?