Saying Goodbye

My 81 year old sweet mother, Jeannie Sparks, passed away this week and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on just how amazing she was. She started life when cars were still novelties and yet was the generation that powered the moon shot.

During the depression, she lived in a cabin where my grandfather fed his children by trapping fox in the Massachusetts backwoods and selling their pelts. Throughout her life, my mother took a practical “whatever it takes” attitude toward any challenge she faced, even when she had to stay up hours on end teaching her dense son to read.

Mom lived through the greatest technological revolution in history (from the radio to the internet) and nothing phased her. Even as she laid in intensive care, she smiled as she flipped through family pictures on the iPad. My mother was an amazing woman who taught me, not by lectures and scoldings, but instead by example and she will always live in my heart.