Nebulous Notes, Superior iOS Text Editor

Merlin Mann recently turned me onto Nebulous Notes, an iOS text editor and, after using it for just a few days, I’m hooked.

Nebulous Notes is another Dropbox linked text editor. It lets you access any folder in your Dropbox to open and save files. Now this is all fine and dandy, but there are several apps that do this. What separates Nebulous Notes are the extra features.

Specifically, macros. The top line of the keyboard includes a list of macro keys that you customize. It includes several useful pre-built macros, like a date and time stamp, but you don’t have to stop there. If you are coder, add curly brackets. Markdown nerd? Add square brackets and parenthesis. It is all user customizable so figure out what you need and go nuts.

There is also support for TextExpander. Between my mushrooming TextExpander snippet library and custom-built Nebulous macros, I have no excuse to do anything in the app but write. You can see why Nebulous Notes has quickly found its way to my heart and iPad home screen.

Additionally, the writing experience is very comfortable. There are several fonts, including an assortment of easily read monospaced fonts and you can adjust the text size. (Why is that suddenly becoming important to me?) There are several writing themes, my favorite of which is Matrix Coder providing the green text on black screen typing experience of my Apple II days. Once you have everything just right, hit the full screen button and go to town.

You can save your finished text to Dropbox or mail it off. Nebulous includes AirPrint support and works nicely with my Printopia enabled printers.

Nebulous Notes is $2 and universal, working on both the iPhone and iPad. Go get it.