Getting Social at Macworld 2011

Macworld really is the place to break out of your shell. For a few days, everybody around you is a fellow nerd and completely gets it when you start talking about Automator scripts and terminal hacks. If you are going to be exploring the halls of Moscone over the next few days, leave your comfort zone and make some new friends.

For a few days, forget about the Facebook updates, RSS feeds, and e-mail backlogs. Get out among the fellow Mac Geeks and get social. Macworld is not a success for me unless I return having made several new friends. If you see me, please make a point of saying “hello.” I really mean that. This year there are a few place you are guaranteed to find me.

On a somewhat related note, as I was making my packing list for the trip, I was reminded of my January 2008 iTablet post. I wasn’t far off the mark. is sponsored by Bee Docs Timeline 3D. Make a timeline presentation with your Mac.