Them Changes

I started in 2006 and the design has remained largely unchanged. I decided it was time to shake things up:


While I still very much love the logo Darren Rolfe created for me so long ago, I’ve decided to simplify. This is most certainly an iterative process and tweaks will continue to appear. Squarespace makes this way too easy.


I turned off comments a month ago and have had a few irate e-mails but far fewer than I expected. I gave up on comments for a few reasons:

  • Management – I was getting an unbelievable number of spam comments, even with some fairly sophisticated filtering. Managing this went on my “No List”.
  • Responding – Those non-spammy comments often asked questions and I simply don’t have time to go and answer each one. This made me feel bad.

For now, my comment system is Twitter. Perhaps I’ll get more involved with Google+ for this in the future but, honestly, probably not.