MPU 67: Web Security

Mac Power Users Episode 67, Web Security, is available for download. We invited George Starcher to join us with advice about staying secure on the Internet. This is a very detailed show in classic MPU fashion. There is a nice summary towards the end though, around the 85:50 mark. Get the episode over at 5by5. Also, don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes.

You should really listen to the show but here are a few good points to remember:

  1. At home, use OpenDNS.
  2. At home, secure your network with WPA2, not WPA or WEP.
  3. Public WiFi = Shields up.
  4. Public WiFi = No transactions that involve money.
  5. Get rid of Flash.
  6. Don’t run as Admin.
  7. Use a separate browser for your banking transactions.
  8. Use 3G instead of Public WiFi if at all possible.
  9. Use 1Password.