Wainy Days and Zen Desks

When not writing and directing motion pictures, David Wain likes to geek out as evidenced by his home screen and appearance on one of my favorite Mac Power Users episodes. David also makes a really funny web series called Wainy Days, “an ongoing web series chronicling David Wain’s (lightly fictionalized) attempts to meet women in New York City.” I think I enjoy Wainy Days so much because I was (sadly) even more awkward with women than David’s character. Anyway, David writes, produces, and edits this entire series from his MacBook Pro. Below is a picture of Wainy Days Studios.

Pretty zen, eh?

There seems to be a lot of talk about cluttered and clean workspaces spurred on by this week’s Back to Work episode. I think a lot of people miss the point. It isn’t about whether your desk is full of clutter or clean enough to perform surgery on. The real question is what are you producing on that desk. David Wain is making something pretty awesome with his.