Talking to iOS

At Macworld last week, Nuance, makers of DragonDictate for Mac and iOS announced the release of their own software development kit to embed Dragon’s voice recognition technologies in iOS apps. I think this is a big deal. Third party app developers should now be able to add voice recognition tools to their apps with a simple call to the Dragon engine. I can think of several apps on my iPhone and iPad right now that would get way better if I could talk to them. Imagine adding new tasks to your favorite task management application, doing Web searches in your browser, or composing documents in your text editor all with your voice.

The only other company I’ve seen create this sort of iOS resource is Smile’s TextExpander Touch that appears to be quite successful. If the execution is as easy as Nuance reports (I haven’t seen it myself) then we are going to be talking to our iOS devices soon. is sponsored by Bee Docs Timeline 3D. Make a timeline presentation with your Mac.