OmniFocus for iPad 1.3, See Tomorrow Today

I heard this update was coming last week and have to admit I’ve been checking the iPad App Store several times a day lately. iPad OmniFocus version 1.3 warms the cockles of my heart. It was just a few days ago that I wrote about the Omni Group and iteration. Well let me just say that The Omni Group just iterated the hell out of iPad OmniFocus and now it is available for download.

The new version takes the already useful Forecast view and turns the dial up to 11. The new Forecast mode adds a calendar bar to the bottom of the screen so you can see calendar items in the forecast view. Also, you can toggle it to also include tasks with start dates on the forecast days. If you lasted through my 2 hour screencast deathmarch of OmniFocus ninja tricks, you already know I use start dates extensively to manage my tasks. Now I can see what is up tomorrow, or three days from now, along with the calendar items for that day. I’ve been asking for this feature for years and the implementation is great. With this update, iPad OmniFocus becomes even more prominent in my task management workflows. Good times.

There is a lot more to 1.3 including full screen note editing, better badge counts, gestures showing up when mirroring, and other improvements. The Review sidebar is also now sorted in Library order, which is an improvement.