Send to App...

Although iCloud is going to be great for syncing data between multiple platforms with the same app, it doesn’t solve the problem of moving compatible file types between different iPad apps. Last week iThoughtsHD cracked it. A recent iThoughtsHD for iPad update added an interesting feature. It added elipses to the Send To popover. Since iThoughtsHD can export in several formats, the app lets you choose the Send To App depending on the file type. For example, if you save to OPML, you can send directly to any app that speaks OPML, including OmniOutliner for iPad.

This function lets you skip the formerly tedious process of saving up to Dropbox and then downloading and sending the file to OmniOutliner via the Dropbox app. It also makes obvious to anyone the way your OPML files can jump between outliners and mind maps.

This is the first time I’ve seen an app use this behavior. It makes sharing data between apps on the iPad even easier than it already is. I would like to see other developers adopt this sharing method in their apps. I think it is great. MacDrifter agrees.