iPad Marketshare

There is some interesting news lately about iPad marketshare. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Android tablet marketshare was between 20 and 30 percent. Here is an example. The problem is, these numbers appear funny. It looks like people are comparing the number of Android tablets shipped to the number of iPads sold. Gruber explains it best here.

The plot thickens. The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D now reports that of some 270,000 HP tablets shipped to Best Buy, approximately 25,000 were sold to customers. Granted HP and Android are two different operating system, I still think this all jives.

While there is no shortage of iPad competitors, they don’t appear very successful. The best evidence for this is in your local Starbucks. I’ve been making an active attempt to spot non-iPad tablets in the wild for the last month. Every time I’m in a place where tablets are present, I actively look for something not an iPad. I’ve yet to see one. While there may one day be successful competing tablets, today it seems there is an iPad market but no tablet market.