Sponsor: Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is your visual memory. Use the app by taking pictures of things you would like to remember. For example, products you see in a magazine, recipes you read in a cooking book, wine labels in a restaurant, Newspaper article, DVDs, CDs or event flyers. Each picture is a visual memo. A regular camera app doesn’t distinguish those photos of stuff from “regular” photos. Déjà Vu helps people organize and structure their visual memos in an easy and effective way. It does this by a tailored interface for tagging and categorization and integration of image recognition technology.


  • Quick shot camera (allows faster picture taking)
  • Image recognition integrated
  • Syncs with cloud account
  • Easy search (find your visual memos by keywords and tags)
  • Map location (locate your visual memos on a map)
  • Available on iPhone and Web

Free for up to 30 visual memos/month. Learn more at Kooaba.