The Macworld | iWorld iFan Pass

As Macworld | iWorld approaches, I’m struck by the value in the new iFan Pass. Now you can get into the conference for a fraction of the price it used to be. There are some really great tech talks at the conference this year, including a few of my own sessions. Because it is easier to get a conference pass now (currently just a hundred bucks), the rooms will be packed and the vibe will be great. In addition to getting access to all of the Tech Talks, iFan passholders also score free tickets for the music experiences (including nightly performances), film events, art showings, the iWorld Midway, and the Exhibit hall. While in the past, going to Macworld just for the Expo Hall and skipping the conference could make sense on a budget, at just $100, you really should go for the whole enchilada this year. The iFan pass price will go up to $125 at the event so if you are planning to attend, get your pass now.