About Apple Rumors

The Angry Drunk says it best:

I’ve reached the point where I greet each new Apple prod­uct rumor with black, soul-crushing depression.

I’ve never been much for rumors. Indeed, I go out of my way not to cover them here or on the Mac Power Users. The fact is, Apple is a company full of smart people and smart people understand that in order to keep the lights on, they need to continue to innovate and ship products. Therefore, Apple will continue to innovate and ship products. I’m happy to wait until they are done. Sadly, the Apple rumors just magnify everything that is wrong with the Internet’s busted click to pay advertising model and Apple rumors will continue as long as people can make a few pieces of silver on it. What we can do, however, as a community, is not click, not cover, and generally ignore this fictitious digital vomit.