MacSparky Squarespace 6 Upgrade

Last week, Squarespace released version six of its most awesome web hosting platform. Because I can’t help but be the canary in the coal mine, I immediately started moving the site over. After spending way too much time on this project, I’m happy to display the newest version of This new version takes full advantage of Squarespace 6 and adds several features.

Links in Titles

Finally, I can link the title of the post to source website. Now my reference entries will actually link over to the source in the title, instead of linked words within the post body. I’m not going back and fixing old posts but this works on everything else going forward, effective immediately. I’m going to use the right facing triangle (▻) at the end of a post to indicate it links somewhere else. On those posts, I’ll also put an infinity symbol (∞) at the bottom of the post with a permalink to the MacSparky article. I’m considering adding something smart to long original pieces, as pioneered by Mr. Gruber, but I also realize that now I’m talking crazy.

Mobile Version

The website now automatically senses when it’s being viewed on an iOS (or other mobile) device and adjusts itself accordingly. MacSparky now looks great on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Easier Navigation

The menus are now live, some of which include submenus making the site cleaner and easier to navigate. I realize the “More” button is a huge nerd faux pas, but it just seemed to make sense. For example, it gave me a place to put my occasional picture galleries without giving them undue exposure on the site. Who knows, maybe I’ll even add some music at some point.

Regardless, my love affair with Squarespace continues. These guys make it ridiculously easy to build an attractive website. Moreover, they enable me to continue to fiddle with the site as I continue my desperate effort to remove every unnecessary pixel.

There are a few pieces I’m still working on. The Search function isn’t fully baked yet and there are a few remaining hiccups that I’m still sorting out, with some help form Squarespace. Overall, I’m really happy with the transition.