A Brilliant Novel in the Works

My friend, Yuvi Zalkow, is facing a crisis. You see, he is the most famous failed writer on the Internet. Getting rejections is his thing. Yuvi is much too busy producing charming little videos about The Tyranny of The New Yorker or Merlin Mann and John Gruber’s excellent Obsession x Voice talk to hoodwink a publisher and push a novel out.

The problem is that today Yuvi did just that. His new novel, a brilliant novel in the works, released and it’s good. I’m halfway through and I don’t know how to describe it. It makes me smile, frown, and occasionally wrenches my guts. So far there are no secret agents, no government plots, and no 50 shades of bodice-ripping. Instead, it is a book about life and neurosis and I’m really enjoying it.

Yuvi is one of us and if this book sounds remotely interesting, go buy it.