Drafts for iPhone and iPad

Greg and his friends over at Agile Tortoise just released an update to Drafts 2.0 for iPhone. I’ve written about Drafts before. It is a great little app that lets you generate pieces of text and send them off to email, Byword, and other places that make sense. If you’ve ever seen me talking to myself as I walk to lunch, I’m probably just filling up Drafts with notes, OmniFocus tasks, and emails to process when I’ve returned from my excellent taco. I’ve also started using it with Day One.

Version 2.0 brings it. The interface is more refined and you can now choose your font. Swipe down on the toolbar for full screen reading and there are some nifty sounds, which make me happy.

There is more.

When I first wrote about Drafts I explained how I’d prefer to create drafts on my iPhone on the go but edit and process them on the iPad. Agile Tortoise made it happen. There is now a separate Drafts app for the iPad ($3). It has a custom interface designed specifically around the iPad and looks great. There is a stack of drafts on the left column arranged in reverse order of their creation, so the most recent one is on top. Moreover the whole thing syncs brilliantly with the iPhone. As a point of interest, Agile Tortoise is pulling off the sync using the Simperium Sync Platform from the creators of Simplenote. I’ve been running the Drafts betas for several weeks and it’s wicked fast. I never would’ve guessed with the existence of Dropbox and iCloud that there is room for another sync platform, but it appears there is. I’m also told Symperium is very easy to implement so I suspect we’ll see more of it.

The space on my home screen is precious. This app is worthy.