Good Luck Social Engineering My Security Question Answers

Here is sample of how I answer security questions.

I always felt those silly questions were way to easy to guess. Where did I grow up? Really? Who said the answers have to be true or even make sense?
One of my 1Password tricks is to use its password generator to create jibber-jabber responses to these questions. You can do it from the 1Password plugin right in Safari or Chrome.

This makes so much more sense to me. There is no way you are going to figure out my security question answers reading my Twitter stream or (in some bizarre, twisted alternate universe) my Facebook account. Likewise for people who knew me back in the day and happened to grow up in the same place I did.

Just make sure to save your responses to 1Password so when the need arises you can find them. Also, make yourself the mother of all master passwords for your 1Password vault. Not “Pencil”.