The $100 Invisible iPhone Case

With the arrival of a new iPhone, nerds everywhere gather to talk about cases. This is even more pronounced when Apple has a new design, as with the iPhone 5. I’ve certainly bought my fair share of cases over the years. However, the last few years, I’ve been buying a $100 invisible case. It offers no protection whatsoever and, looking at my phone, you can’t even recognize it. It is called AppleCare+.

A few years ago Apple started selling AppleCare+ for iPhones and iPads. It costs $100 and with it you can wreck your phone, twice. That includes drops, broken glass, and water excursions. You just bring the phone into your local Apple Store and they give you a new one. (There is a $49 fee with each replacement.)

I bought the plan for my iPhone 4S and I’ve not used it yet but there is still a year left on the policy and the phone is in my wife’s hands. With my new iPhone 5, I purchased it again. Purchasing this insurance give me the freedom to put my phone in my pocket sans case with no attached guilt and anxiety.

If you just received your new iPhone 5 without AppleCare+, it is not too late. For the first 30 days after purchase you can add AppleCare+. It will, however, require a trip to an Apple store so they can confirm you haven’t already dunked it.