Star Trek TNG, 25 Years Later

Catching up with some reading I stumbled upon this fantastic Grantland article by Brian Phillips about Star Trek, The Next Generation. I have to admit that growing up I was firmly in the Star Wars camp and never could get excited about Captain Kirk and gang. I think it was probably a combination of the cheesy 60’s sets and my inability to grasp “deep” story lines. So when The Next Generation showed up while I was in college, I took a pass.

When I got to law school however, I got into the habit of making my Top Ramen every night around seven and needing a little entertainment before returning to the books. This was when TNG was starting its syndication run and, despite my best efforts, became a Trekky. Captain Picard and and the rest of those aboard NCC-1701-D had me hooked and I watched the whole thing. I think those little breaks with the Enterprise crew got me through those years and for that am thankful.