The Transporter

Transporter Front.jpg

There is a new Kickstarter project by the guys behind the original Drobo, called the Transporter. Unlike so many Kickstarter projects, this one is a lot further along than a pretty CAD drawing. These guys have already built this device and are in production verification. I know, because I have one of the testing units and can tell you it works. I really like the idea of sticking one on my home network and using it as a secure offsite storage from the office or putting one in a relative’s home to make my own private offsite backup for personal data. Also, the sharing is easy enough that I’m planning to try to use it as photo bank for family holiday pictures.

In full disclosure, it is likely the Transporter will be a Mac Power Users sponsor but that isn’t why I’m writing about this. We don’t let just anybody sponsor the show and this is a really clever product. Watch the Kickstarter video to learn more.