Free Invites

I’m trying to figure out where fits in my life. Until Twitter started getting weird I was very happy with my “social media strategy”. 1. Write silly things on Twitter. 2. Facebook? What’s that?

But as the Buddha explained, everything keeps changing. I signed up for because I was curious about what they’d do and I didn’t want some other nerd claiming “MacSparky”. I’ve now been using it (off and on) since launch and … well … I’m confused.

The service is great with luxurious post lengths and what feels like a more intimate level of engagement with other geeks. In that way, it feels a lot like Twitter did when I signed up for it in 2007.

The problem is having two things. When I just had one thing, Twitter, it was really easy. Two things always make things four times as complicated. Also, there is an ethic to this that I still haven’t figured out. If you go on and post something similar to what you say on Twitter, there is a group of people that call you out for cross posting. However, if you go on and don’t post stuff you say on Twitter, there is a separate group that will never hear your most recent pearl of wisdom.


I don’t have any answers but do acknowledge I haven’t been using enough to have an experience-based opinion. So I am going to try and spend more time on for the next month to see if how it fits in my life. The good news is if you’d like to join me, I’ve got some freebies to get you in the club.

Just Click Right Here and the nice people at will set you up. As is the nature of most free things, that link is not going to work forever so get to it.