The Mother Ship

 Apple received unanimous approval yesterday for the new corporate headquarters they are planning on building in Cupertino. Looking at these pictures, I think it is going to be pretty impressive.

There seems to be two schools of thought with a big vanity corporate building. On one side, people say that building something like this is the first sign a company is about to fail. The logic goes that when you spend this much time and effort on something like your corporate headquarters, you aren’t paying enough attention to your products.

I disagree. I think the fact that Apple puts so much effort into making a beautiful campus that satisfies their needs indicates they are equally concerned about their products. It shows that that Steve Jobs’ influence is still alive and well. When you meet someone that sweats the little details, they probably also sweat the big ones.

Either way, I’m looking forward to visiting a mother ship that actually resembles a mother ship.

Screenshot 2013-10-16 13.54.57.png